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Swedish Relaxation Massage

For the woman who just wants to relax without any deep, specific work, a Swedish Massage is like heaven on Earth. Warning: many clients fall asleep on the table.

Deep Tissue Massage/Trigger Point Therapy

Adhesions and trigger points ("knots") can form in our muscles causing pain, numbness, "clicking," limited range of motion, loss of blood flow and can even, in extreme cases, lead to tissue death. I can help to pinpoint and release those areas of extreme tension. For the client with many problem areas, a longer massage (90 minutes to 2 hours) is recommended.

Peri-Natal Massage

I am certified to work with clients before, during and after pregnancy to keep you feeling your best. I use special bolsters and pillows to help you feel secure and comfortable. As with all of my massages, you are completely in charge of how much pressure you would like, and whether or not you would like your belly to be part of the massage.

Massage Therapy for Health & Wellness

Customized Treatments by Alicia J. O'Dwyer, LMT

Welcome! I am a New York trained and Massachusetts licensed massage therapist, specializing in massage for women and AFAB's health and wellness. I am certified in pre/peri/post-natal massage, and I offer massage for breast/chest health, post-op massage care, abdominal massage for cramping, sports massage, Gua Sha, Shiatsu, trigger point therapy/deep tissue massage, myofascial release, chair massage and of course general Swedish relaxation massage therapy. All in the comfort of your own home or office.


Dermatillomania/CSP/excoriation disorder, trichotillomania, BFRB and cutter friendly. LGBTQ+ allied.

Upper body massage
Back Massage
Quadricep massage


"A single touch can linger for a lifetime."




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